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About is a new online video distribution and hosting service provided by Video Express, a video duplication facility in Boston.  We’re excited to expand upon our reputation for outstanding customer service by extending our digital video know-how to the world of streaming video.  For over 25 years, Video Express’ clients have received the best combination of customer service and technical expertise.  With, we now offer an unparalleled product with the same unparalleled service.

     Distributing video materials for review is an everyday necessity for a variety of industries.  Streaming video fills this need by instantly distributing high-quality video content over the internet.  A viewer on the other side of the world can watch a streamed video at the same time as a viewer in the next room, and both at lightning fast speed.  With the ability to instantaneously navigate to any point in a video, information can be communicated fast and efficiently. provides an all-in-one solution for any streaming video need.  With an intuitive interface and full capabilities, the website itself guides clients quickly and easily through the whole process.  After experiencing the unprecedented power and ease of, sending physical dubs for review may be a thing of the past. features:
Fast Service with No Rush Charges...  Ever
Orders are processed as soon as we receive your masters, and you will be able to view and distribute each video once it has finished processing.
Instant and Inexpensive Distribution
No more Overnight Service!  We provide Instant Service!  Once you receive the link to your video, delivery speed is determined by how fast you can email.  That emailed link will also save you shipping costs.  Sending out hundreds or even thousands of dubs is an enormous expense, and what about shipping internationally? is exponentially cheaper and much better for the environment.
Full Compatibility
Thanks to the capabilities of Video Express, we accept all standard and high-definition videotape formats, DVDs, and digitized video files.  We can also convert internationally formated materials, decode closed captions, and much more.
Simple User-Friendly Design
There is no "Help" menu on  We have designed to be as intuitive as possible to ensure an easy user experience.

        All videos hosted on feature:
High Quality Picture
Far surpassing free internet video sites, your video content is encoded at a higher resolution, providing you with a clearer picture.
Full Length Runtime
While other sites limit the length of a video, we host videos up to 2 hours in length which allows for a wide range of video content, from a :30 second spot to extended B-Roll footage.
Instant Searching streaming video allows you to skip to any point in your videos at anytime, and streaming videos are never downloaded to your computer; so, there's no waiting.
Privacy Settings
Google and other search engines do not search the links to your videos, and streaming videos are never downloaded to a viewer's computer.  The link to your video can also be changed or deactivated instantly, giving you full control.

Video Express, Boston

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